Blog #33: In-Class Reflection- Writing

One of the most important things I have learned about writing is to cite your sources. Plagiarism can be tricky and you can plagiarize without doing so purposely. I’ve learned how to correctly cite my sources and that the Purdue website is my friend. I have also learned how to properly use quotes in my writing and how to explicate them. Over the last four years I think that I have developed a style/process of writing that helps me to make my work my own. I usually outline my work in a certain way. Also, I learned that the way I write may not please every professor and it is best to ask questions to find out what they want. I learned that English 110 may have been helpful to me and saved me from a lot of confusion. (I took College-Now and was exempt from English 110.)

Before I started college I was told that the introduction should be one paragraph that contains your whole thesis. I used to think that conclusions can only sum up your thoughts and not deal with anything new.

One of the best things I ever wrote was the paper from Professor Alvarez’s class last semester. It had subtitles, used outside sources in my own way, and used close reading skills. It may not have been the best “scholarly” paper, but I was proud of it because I felt that I really used all of the things that I learned during the semester in order to write the paper. It was rewarding. Another thing that I consider to be one of the best things I ever wrote was a paper for my English 340 class. I used actual library books that I found in gigantic QC library. I used articles as well as quotes from the book. I was told that I intertwined my research with my own work to create my own idea and I think that this is important for writing.

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