Blog #34: Reflection- Completing An English Major

Even though I am not graduating this semester (I still have to take Secondary Education classes) I have completed all of the classes required as an English major. When I first realized this, I was actually a little sad. Since I am still going to be in school next semester, I am disappointed that I wont be taking anymore English classes since those are the classes that I enjoy. I have always loved to read and while I will still read on my own, taking classes and having a class discussion is something that I will miss. Yes, I know that I can still take English classes if I want to…but who really has the money to do that? Not me.

Even though I found all of the English classes I have taken at QC to be useful, I still question if the requirements are enough to help me in the future. I have definitely expanded my reading and critical thinking skills, but honestly, the required classes for an English major at Queens seem to look past basic writing or language skills. It seems like you can get by as an English major without having to take classes that teach certain writing conventions, skills, or form.

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  1. Ron says:

    Gratz 馃檪 Cheer up, don’t be so sad!

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