Blog #35: Free Write- Plans for the Future

Like I said before, I know that I am not graduating this semester but I have been thinking a lot about my future with an English degree. I will be in school for another year. The first half of the year I need to take three Secondary Education classes and during the second half of the year all I have to do is student teaching. I graduate next Spring. With the way the job market looks for teachers right now I have been thinking about back up careers or jobs. I would still love to be a NYC BOE teacher, but I can’t even turn on the news without feeling depressed about the chances of that actually happening. There is a lot going on with my family and the living situations right now and different members of my family have been thinking about moving for a while. I never really wanted to leave New York (in terms of a permanent home), but I have been thinking about it more often. Being that everyone in my family is going to be moving anyway, I am going to look into the teaching requirements and certification in different states. I can always return to New York with some job experience.

Also, I have been thinking about looking into internships for next summer. I have been researching the different internships that English majors are qualified for. I would like to do an internship with a news company or something similar. There are also broadcasting schools that recruit English majors. These are all possibilities for me that I will be researching.

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