Blog #38: Ceremony- Healing Narrative

“His sickness was only part of something larger, and his cure would be found only in something great and inclusive of everything” (Silko 116).

Throughout the novel Tayo is trying to heal from his sickness. Just as Omeros was a healing narrative with Philoctete, Ceremony is a healing narrative with Tayo. In both of these stories, the healing goes deeper than just using medicine, pills, or psychology to fix a cut or emotional problem. The healing involves spiritual and racial issues having to do with identity. Just as Philoctete needed a spiritual healing, so does Tayo. Tayo’s healing is rooted in the story being told within the story, “something larger.” His cure has to be found is something “inclusive of everything.” The healing is about more than Tayo himself, it has to do with what is going on with the Native American people. Both Philoctete and Tayo have actual wounds/sicknesses, but their problems are symbolic. There problems are connected with their people.

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