Blog #40: Amor Y Cohetes- “Bem”

I was able to connect the characters in the comic “Bem” with a few things that could connect to this class. In the story, the monster has the power to take over the land. The monster has apparently been “conditioned to do the land developer’s work” (G. Hernandez 25). Luba also wants to control the land and enslave the monster. Reading this reminded me of a few of the novels from class (Omeros, Ceremony, Mumbo Jumbo) since they involve how people want to control the land and other people. The fact that the monster is going to do the work of the land developer reminds me of how those with power and money can get workers to change the land of Native people, which is also shown in the books we have read. Also, upon reading this sentence I immediately thought of the novel The Grapes of Wrath. I know we did not read that in our class, but it was the first thing I connected the quote with and it can relate to subjects that we have discussed. In The Grapes of Wrath, there is a chapter about how the machines do the work that the people used to do, taking their jobs away. The chapter describes the machine as having living qualities, like a monster. The monster in “Bem” and the machine monster in The Grapes of Wrath have the ability to take away jobs from native people and control what the economy will be based on for the future. This is like what I talk about in my paper while discussing the affects of colonialism on nations in Omeros and Ceremony.

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